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KLASE Auto Rental

Klase Auto Rental is a company that has provided car rental services since 2003. We are committed to providing the best service for consumers when driving. We prove our best service not only through optimal infrastructure but also human resources who are always learning and developing to achieve better.

Our fleet is growing rapidly and modern. Currently, Klase Auto Rental operates serving national companies from various sectors such as banking, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, telecommunications and many more.
With experience in handling various customers in the corporate sector, we have a standard that meets all these needs. Therefore, we always innovate and develop all aspects in order to produce perfection in customer satisfaction.



To become a leading company in the field of car rental services by prioritizing the best service for consumers and meeting all consumer needs in driving.


Providing reliable, productive and efficient human resources to provide the best service for consumers. Carry out all innovations and developments and produce perfection for consumer satisfaction in driving.

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